Maryland Students heading back to School

Students back to school

After the joys and zest of summer vacations here comes that part of the year that is both enthusiastic and jumpy for the parents as well as the children. The hustle and bustle of getting new school bag, books and accessories is somehow like preparation for a carnival.  Just like new resolutions even the commencement of a new academic year sees many resolutions and determinations both by the teachers, students and even parents. Teachers also pull up their socks for the new year and wave a good bye to the blissful days. There is much to do and so much to plan, amid all this frenzy one thought that keeps them going is the fact that after all teaching is the only profession where you get bulk of holidays in the form of summer and winter vacations.


Finally the day comes when some parents leave their children for school with little tears in their eyes while some are now more relaxed after insane and kooky vacations. Teachers and students are ready to establish new routines, new strategies and most importantly teacher-student relationship.

Maryland also saw a Monday when students bid farewell to summer holidays and got back to school. Maryland was named to honor the Queen Consort Henrietta Maria, the wife of Britain’s King Charles I. In 2009, the Maryland State Public Schools System was ranked #1 in the nation. Maryland is famous for a number of schools ranked in 2015 among U.S.News Best High Schools, including 20 with gold medals, 47 with silver medals and 15 with bronze medals. The top-ranked school in Maryland is Walt Whitman High School, near Washington, in the Montgomery County Public Schools, which is about 50 miles from both Baltimore and the state capital of Annapolis. Free education is provided to the deaf and hard hearing citizens of Maryland in The Maryland School of the deaf. Students will now be off on Thursday, March 24, 2016 (teacher work day) and Tuesday, April 26, 2016 (primary). Students will now have school on Monday, April 4, 2016 and Tuesday, April 5, 2016, which were initially days off for students. This year the spring break is shortened while more days are given to chilly snow days. Free breakfast for all students next week to celebrate the growth of the free breakfast program over the last five years by Charles County.

Loudoun County administrators will also open Riverside High School for the first time. On the other hand some elementary students in Prince William County will start the year in brand new school.

This is the time of the year when your child no matter if he is an old student or a new arrival in the school will have new teachers with few new rules and she will let the students know how she is going to measure their progress. Parents should also sit with their child and discuss about their new goals. Your child’s ideas and plans might not be as spiring as yours but that’s ok. After all too much high hopes and high goals will hinder in your child’s natural growth of learning by experiences and failures.

A new STEAM program is being introduced in the new school, located in in Bristow. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math.

“The goal is for children to learn those 21st century skills such as collaboration communication critical thinking problem solving,” said Kathy Notyce, the principal of Chris Yung Elementary School.

In Montgomery County schools more than 156,000 students are expected to enroll which enjoys the position of one of the largest school system in the nation.

It was a busy weekend in Harford County also as teachers were busy in back to school preparations. Roughly a sixth of the population of Harford County is busy this week as teachers were preparing their classrooms for students to return on Thursday. Nearly a sixth of the population of Harford County is engaged in the teaching profession.

With schools coming back in session, reaching school bus or dropping children to school in case of own transport, is going to become a panic job. But harsh driving is definitely is not the answer. From a numbers perspective, putting one sixth of the population of the county on roadways in mornings when a lot of the other five sixths of the population are headed to work means there will be more traffic jams.

Students of Sherwood High School, Maryland also head towards their school with sharpened pencils and high enthusiasm. Sherwood’s program of interest is the international studies program, and is also known for its music and athletic programs.

Back to School Photos

Your children going back to school is also a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss.  It doesnt matter if  it’s their first day of Kindergarten, entering University or college or anything in between, the first day of school is special and you’ll want to have your camera ready to go to capture these unforgettable moments. Our tip: Posed school pictures are great, but candid shots are priceless! Step back, and capture the moments where your children engage with their peers or siblings.

Back to School Shopping

This year,  Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week is Sunday, August 9 to Saturday, August 15. According to the website of the Comptroller of Maryland, the exemption does not apply to:

  •  Accessory items, even if they are priced at $100 or less;
  • The first $100 of a more expensive single article or set (as in a suit) of clothing or footwear. For example, if a customer buys a pair of pants costing $110, sales tax is due on the entire $110;
  •  Any special clothing or footwear primarily designed for protective use or not intended for everyday use

Shop Maryland Tax-free Week is enjoyed every year on the second Sunday of August in Baltimore. It is the perfect time to shop for shoes, clothes and any other accessories because no sales tax will be applied. Many parents also stock up the school supplies.

Back to school brings so much excitement with high hopes from parents who want their little ones to be Einstein or a scholar but while we have the best intentions, the pressure can be mind boggling for both parent and child.


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