UMD and JHU Build Computing Center

Computer Center

New Computer Center to Boost Data Analytics Research

Big data has a crucial role nowadays and its influence can be encountered in multiple industries, from biology to astronomy, geography or computing. All researchers that use such data need very powerful computers as well as a lot of storage space in order to bring everything to fruition. This is why two important universities in Maryland started to work together in order to develop a very large computing center.

This initiative is called the Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center and it has received no less than $30 million in funding.

The facility will provide a lot of digital processing power that will supply the two funding universities, and it’s already finished, since it’s fully functional starting with this July.
Here you can find no less than 19000 processors and an astounding storage capacity of 17 petabytes, which is truly impressive to say the least.
The Vice President for Research and Chief Research Officer Patrick O’Shea for the University of Maryland states that the creation of this new research center definitely manages to make things a lot easier for professionals as they do need to process large data sets and other information. The interesting thing here is that the campuses have fiber optic cable connections which means that they can easily access the info without leaving their offices. This means that all aces can be perform remotely with each university having the capability to easily centralize the computing power.

One of the main reasons that lead to the creation of this research center comes from the fact that the efficiency wasn’t the best for most scientists here and costs became higher and higher. This is a solution that lowers the cost and brings in a better productivity with the help of high performance computers. And since the central unit is shared, there won’t be the need to create one for each institution, which means smaller costs for networking, cooling and other factors.
As we all know, supercomputing is popular for the very fast processing speeds but the main issue that researchers have is the fata they need to process is presented in some unparalleled amounts. Some fields like climate sciences, language science, genomics and neuroscience are very dependent when it comes to fast processing power!

The research center manages to add a lot of power mainly due to the Deepthought 2 computer that was launched last year. This one can perform no less than 250 trillion operations or even more than that, but at the same time it provides a petabyte of storage and it’s also connected with the InfiniBand network.

University Research Professor of Mathematics and Physics James Yorke, which is known for the chaos research told that the new device could actually come in handy when it comes to process biological big data and, at the same time, it can be used for sequencing among many others.

Based on what Yorke said, then new project is bringing in necessary processing power for the universities and at the same time it provides some extraordinary economic benefits as well.
It’s a great investment and one that adds a lot of value for the research teams.

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